News – 3LE and David Marlow in policy and practice

  • April 2020 – With the world in lock-down, work has gone online. Two LGIU policy briefings seek to help – whether anything announced in the pre-lock-down March 2020 Budget will have relevance post-COVID-19; and, perhaps more importantly, how place leadership teams can set about strategic recovery planning.
  • March 2020 – Looking forward to being part of the Urban Foresight team working with Newcastle University to build the business case for a Policy and Evidence Hub to support evidence-informed decision-making for Newcastle and the North East
  • March 2020 – Delighted to be back working with friends and colleague in Plymouth. The Plymouth Sound National Marine Park has the potential to be a transformer for the city, region, and for triple bottom-line approaches to coastal cities and communities; and is a definite first for the UK. Genuine pleasure to be working with Dickon Howell of HMP on the feasibility study for this innovative flagship.
  • February 2020 – Third visit to Saint Helena to work on a SH2050 ‘roadmap’ to secure a long-term future of enduring and sustainable success for the island and its Saints communities. As ever stimulating, enjoyable and intrinsically of value – but also with lots of read across to UK coastal communities, devolution and inter-governmental relations, Small Island Development States (SIDS) and insular, peripheral issues more widely.
  • February 2020 – A purposeful, productive workshop for Yorkshire Universities with co-authors Mark Tendwr-Jones and Louise Kempton on our ‘Inclusive Future Growth…’ report. An important approach to civic university approaches and place-based leadership and strategy more generally. Get in touch if you want a copy of the slides or have an interest in workshop and roundtable sessions on this crucial area of collaboration.
  • January 2020 – Whither ‘enhanced devolution and levelling up’ in the early years of the Johnson Government? The hyperlinked LGIU policy briefing reflects on the Queens Speech and how local leadership teams might craft their own strategies in the light of the noises from central government.
  • December 2019 Sadly, no seasonal cheer in the general election results. Only in FKaUK could a clear majority vote for Remain and confirmatory referendum parties but get a massive Brexit majority in parliament!
  • November 2019 Inspiration from the ‘end of the world’ and the ‘world’s friendliest city’ for a better, outward-looking FKaUK and ambitious places within it.
  • November 2019Stimulating senior management masterclass with Wakefield City Council – exploring and developing their role in ‘good growth’ and development in the 2020s
  • October 2019Johnson didn’t die in a ditch – but I took an inspiring respite from the country formerly known as United Kingdom (FKaUK) to complete visits to all remaining EU member states I had not previously visited. The narrative and reflections on stage one and stage two hyperlinked
  • October 2019 Wonderful to work with CURDS colleagues on a Policy Expo at EURegionsWeek event in Brussels exploring different tools and techniques for visioning and prioritising regional innovation strategies 
  • September 2019 – Two examples of towns being betrayed and undermined perfectly illustrate the sociopath qualities of Johnson’s Britain – the seizure of Hartlepool by the Brexit Party, and the  pork-barrel patronage of government’s Stronger Towns funds.
  • September 2019 Latest LGIU policy briefing, taking stock of Local Industrial Strategies in the light of the seven now published and agreed with government
  • September 2019 – Latest LGIU policy briefing, taking stock of Local Industrial Strategies in the light of the seven now published and agreed with government – quite a mixed bag and uncertain future…but may be useful for places either still inn formulation or moving towards implementation.
  • August/September 2019 – No summer recess for the dark forces destroying the UK – so no break for the blog – firstly reflecting on our own horrors on the 40th anniversary of Apocalypse Now and then on the toxic legacy of two Old Etonian classmates one now masquerading as PM . In many ways I miss the time when this blog was focused on better local growth – and will try to make some changes to the web site to reflect this during the Autumn.
  • August 2019 – Pleased to have presented with AMEO our final report on future options for the Gatwick Diamond Initiative – an interesting exploration of how coherent important functional economic areas can influence growth agendas when they sit slightly uncomfortably within and across LEP and LA boundaries
  • August 2019 – Inclusive future growth in England’s cities and regions: realising the transformational university dividends” has finally been published. Based on almost two years of inquiry and involving eight case studies, I regard this as a signature contribution of 3LE working with Louise Kempton and Mark Tendwr-Jones at Newcastle University. We are planning some deliberative events on this during the autumn, but it provides a provocative refresh of how places can make the most of their universities – especially for impending place-based strategies and if you are considering a Civic University Agreement
  • July 2019 Delighted to be working with EM3 LEP on aspects of their Local Industrial Strategy, in collaboration with Louise Kempton of CURDS as part of the ESRC assistance programme to LEPs
  • July 2019Genuinely proud of recently-completed reports – shortly to be published – on St Helena Futures and a COMPACT with incoming UK Government; and on new types of place-based strategies for universities. Will post here on publication.
  • July 2019LGIU policy briefing on recent ONS place based statistics

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