Positive Progressive Placemaking

Third Life Economics majors on supporting and enabling great leadership of place. PPP – published May 2020 – is a major handbook of agendas for place-based leadership teams.

It presents insights and lessons from 3LE’s first decade that may be relevant and important for current and future challenges and opportunities. Find and download your copy here.

“Positive progressive place-making” is underpinned by David Marlow’s 25-year senior public services career in the UK and overseas, and his experience since 2009 establishing and operating 3LE.

It gives you access to models, frameworks, and case studies relevant to delivering contemporary place-based plans and strategies. It explores the human dimensions of working with the ‘heroes and villains’ of devolution, the genuine burdens and tests of leadership, and how to manage in a complex context where there will seldom be single unique ‘right answers’.

What is PPP?

Over 2020-25 all places will need to face profound post-COVID-19 implications, unresolved issues around BREXIT and existential societal challenges like aging, climate crisis, technological and digital change, and increasing inequalities.

Places and their leadership teams need accessible, practical advice and support of the highest quality to plan and manage these challenges and realise enduring future success. PPP provides a starting point for accessing that advice and support.

Why read this?

“Positive progressive place-making” provides insights from over 50 Third Life Economics (3LE) interventions in the 2010s that have relevance to the challenges and opportunities for the early 2020s.

These range from futures visioning and strategic prioritisation to delivering change and development; from regions and metropolitan cities to towns and communities; from detailed technical analyses to building leadership teams and new institutional arrangements.

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