• February 2018 - Fascinating to pay a brief visit to the Falkland Islands and to meet the Government's CEO - Barry Rowlands. All the UK Overseas Territories (OTs) are distinctive and different from each other. Where there is read-across is in the challenges they have dealing with Whitehall and Westminster. Ring a bell? There is some merit in much more contact between UK Council's, perhaps the new Combined Authorities, and UK OTs.

  • February 2018 - What should we make of the future of LEPs? In the light of major concerns about accountability, the emergency of mayoral Combined Authorities, and the ambiguous intentions for them in the Industrial Strategy White Paper, there is a lot to consider in this LEP and Local Authority 2018 Agendas briefing.

  • February 2018 - Looking forward to collaborating again with IER, University of Warwick to assist the West Midlands Combined Authority Productivity and Skills Commission pull together it's findings to date and consider it's work programme for 2018/19 and beyond.

  • January 2018 – I am proud to be strategic advisor of my local council – South Kesteven – a relationship we have developed since 2015. SK has an extraordinary portfolio of investments that will shape the district going forward, leveraging SK’s notable national assets and capabilities. Delighted that my first meeting of the year with Leader, Deputy Leader and CEO, has agreed an ambitious agenda of innovation on SK Futures and how these shape present priorities. More non-metropolitan cities and communities need to do this…

  • January 2018 – The work on an ‘anchor university revolution’ is gathering pace. The publication of ‘Anchors Aweigh’ as a RSA blog is the third of a trilogy of pieces on the topic – following Wonkhe and Regeneris articles in late 2017. With the completion of two reports for Plymouth College of Art (PCA) which develop the thinking, assemble the academic and Plymouth evidence, and contextualise this locally and nationally, I look forward to taking this forward in the coming quarter.

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