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News – 3LE and David Marlow in policy and practice

  • April 2019 – An honour to contribute a chapter to ‘Innovation-based regional change in Europe‘ from Fraunhofer Verlag with Konschatzky and Stahlecker as editors. My chapter deals with the ‘Great expectations and inconsistent delivery’ of universities in England. In some ways it sits alongside the more generalist latest LGIU briefing on new approaches to civic universities – also posted this month
  • April 2019 – Okay, I do occasionally enjoy non-work-related leisure. The 23/03 People’s Vote march was genuinely uplifting. And ‘Fighting with my Family’ at the cinema was an unexpected pleasure…UNTIL…an article in The Economist understood Trump supporters in terms of Wrestlemania! Cue ‘The Villains of Brexit wrestlemania‘ as my latest blog on the UKs attempt at self-destruction…
  • April 2019 – After a further visit to Newcastle in late March, we have finally determined the final shape of the major piece of work on universities and place anchored by the Urban Living Partnerships Pilot Programme Review undertaken in 2018. Look out for the launch and publication of a policy briefing and final report on “Inclusive future places growth in cities and regions: realising the transformational university dividend” in the next quarter.
  • March 2019 – Understanding and leveraging university relationships with and contributions to places where they are located is important and highly relevant. Such a pleasure to work with longstanding colleague Peter O’Brien and Yorkshire Universities on their collective and synergistic opportunities to help Yorkshire  Combined Authorities, LEPs and other partners with Local Industrial Strategies, Stronger Towns, Shared Prosperity and other place-based policies and programmes. Quite an agenda!
  • March 2019 – Working with local authority leadership teams remains one of the most stimulating parts of the 3LE portfolio. This year, in addition to the longstanding relationship with South Kesteven, I have worked with Surrey County Council, Tower Hamlets and now an exciting new exercise with Wakefield Council on regeneration and economic growth. Thanks to Tom Stannard at Wakefield for the opportunity.
  • February 2019 – As we count down to March 29th, some preliminary reflections on the UK as a new type of ‘failing state’ and how the Brexit coup, virus and fiasco has brought us to this point
  • February 2019 – A pleasure to be working with AMEO again – exploring the role of economic development both functionally and as a team, in Surrey County Council’s transformation
  • January 2019 – As UK Government continues to implode, and Parliament struggles to compel it to behave with some degree of rationality, this revisiting of Thomson’s 2005 novel  ‘Divided Kingdom’ provides a powerful, prescient metaphor for the current breakdown and stimulates a suggestion for the future.
  • January 2019 – Completed ULP Review fieldwork with a visit to Keele University including meetings with County Council and LEP – now to start writing up the project final report!
  • December 2018 – Fascinating to hear more of the University of Lincoln story – in both Lincoln and at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing in Holbeach – as part of the ULP review extension. Also attended a second academic roundtable with the Civic Universities Commission whose report is due out in February 2019. The way universities engage with and contribute to place leadership and development is a crucial place-based ‘anchor’ as we go through the Brexit turmoil – but anchor institution orthodoxy needs radical renewal.
  • November 2018 – Good news that the Urban Living Partnership pilot review on the roles of universities in place is to be extended to at least two non-Russell Group, non-metropolitan universities and their sub-regions. Look forward to working with University of Lincoln and Keele during December.
  • November 2018 – Privilege to attend the memorial service to Marion Brighton – former leader of North Kesteven District Council (NKDC) who sadly died over the Summer. Marion was energetic, devoted, and committed to so much that makes local government great. She played a major role in my professional development as we set about ensuring North Kesteven really is a ‘district of 100 flourishing communities’. It was always a delight to run into her at various events after I left the council. RIP. Followed up later in the month with a stimulating meeting with the NKDC Chief Executive – Ian Fytche. Would love to assist with what is still my home patch at some stage in 2019 and beyond.
  • October 2018 – Wonderful opportunity to visit St Helena in the South Atlantic to work with St Helena Government (SHG) and UK Department for International Development (DFID) on strategic investment planning and the island’s next capital programme. Unique place and community, and very special experience.
  • October 2018 – Completed Urban Living Partnership fieldwork with visit to York – a strong showcase of how academic-civic partnerships can strengthen Observatory and Open Data platforms for city development
  • October 2018 – South Kesteven Economic Summit at Grimesthorpe Castle – well attended and showcased dynamism of the district. Followed up with contribution to SKDC Senior Management Team Awayday – always purposeful and stimulating.
  • September 2018 – excited to complete a piece of work for HotSW LEP and Joint Committee on the case for a High Growth Corridor along the spine of the South West peninsula anchored by an Exeter and Plymouth polycentric city region.
  • September 2018 – thrilled to become an associate of City-REDI, the University of Birmingham research institute to support the city and West Midlands build a detailed understanding of how major city regions work. Very resonant with Urban Living Partnerships review emerging findings.
  • August 2018 – Civic Universities Commission submission made in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art. Read our thinking on ‘anchor institution revolutions’ needed to reset and strengthen University relations with place in the 2020s.
  • August 2018 – If you can’t get enough of Government’s ‘Strengthened LEPs’ review, have a look at this LGIU Policy briefing and follow-up blog ‘Six weeks to save local economic growth…’. Is it a case of strengthening LEPs governance whilst renationalising and weakening local growth leadership?
  • August 2018 – Delighted to be working in the Heart of South West geography again – looking at how a Peninsula corridor approach might drive long term transformation  in a 2050 ‘Futures’ sense; and shape the Wave Two Local Industrial Strategy and other place-based policies and programmes.
  • August 2018 – Made a substantive submission to the Civic University Commission in collaboration with Plymouth College of Art. If you want to read our thought about the much-needed ‘anchor institution revolution’ have a look at the hyperlinked paper.
  • July 2018 – Latest contribution to evidence-based policy making in this LGIU briefing on recent ONS releases of place-based statistics – with some thoughts on how to use them in place-making.
  • July 2018 – A stimulating month working on University roles in and impacts on the places where they are located – refreshing the vision for a University of Peterborough in the light of recent Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority funding decisions; an impact study for University of Reading with colleagues from Regeneris; and further ULP Review fieldwork in Leeds and Birmingham. Watch these spaces, or get in touch if you wish to find out more.

Have a look at the 3LE news archive for the first half of 2018 and records of key moments since 2009!…