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One class in Eton providing two of the three worst UK PMs in modern times

The Old Etonian revulsion of the last dark days of the UK…

There is little pleasure in this blog having anticipated the end of representative democracy as a credible system of political leadership and governance, in the face of the far right coup whose current face is de Pfeffel Johnson, resulting in the UK as a deeply dark failed state. It is worth providing a summary of where we are, though, as the resistance tries to launch a turnaround from the crisis…

Will 'The Plot against America' play out as the 'Manchurian Candidate'?

The US/UK plot against Europe: Part One – Coup d’etat

In 2014 I read Philip Roth’s ‘The plot against America’. My memories of its political backdrop are of Charles Lindbergh – the famous aviator (and populist ‘hero’ of his day) becoming an unlikely Republican presidential candidate. He beats Roosevelt in the 1940 election on an America-First, anti-war, anti-semitism ticket. As President he signs non-aggression pacts

Is there turnaround and recovery possible from the crisis on June 24th?

The opinion polls and their momentum suggest my resolution to try and persuade at least one person a day to vote REMAIN has been comprehensively bulldozered by the lies of the BREXIT leadership and their promotion by the offshore tax haven owners of the tabloid press. Therefore, the dual themes of this blog series –