Anxious, angry, but always an European

As a global citizen, I see my identity as primarily European. Thereafter, the United Kingdom trumps England and Lincolnshire (where I happen to live) in that order of hierarchy. As we approach the June 23rd referendum on EU membership, I find myself increasingly anxious and angry. On the whim of the mood of a portion of the electorate on a particular day, the United Kingdom may be plunged into an extended period of trauma and crisis - with the consequence that I, my children, and future generations, will be deprived of the 'best' elements of our identity for decades to come.


This blog has argued (sometimes implicitly) 'the world is mad' since its first postings five years ago. Re-reading my reflections on public policy insanities of 2011 ("The Devils caught in their Catch-22s...") resonates strongly with the preposterous exercise Cameron has asked us to indulge, to supposedly help him heal the European pathologies of the Tory party.

This supremacy of short term tokenism over enduring principles, values and long term strategy makes me extremely angry...

Do we really want to see these lying triumphalist smiles on June 24th 2016? 

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  • April 2016: Another enjoyable contribution to Swedish local government leadership development programme - providing an iuntroduction to UK local government. If you are interested in further details of this presentation, please get in touch.
  • April 2016: Delighted to be invited to join the Innovation Council of Greater Lincolnshire LEP, and to be working with Mary Stuart, Chair of the Council and VC of University of Lincoln
  • April 2016: How the Budget impacts on local growth and devolution explored with LGIU in this briefing and a stimulating workshop at which I made this presentation.
  • March 2016: A piece on primary urban areas, Centre for Cities Cities Outlook 2016, and Grimsby's 'relegation' from the 'top-63' UK cities!
  • March 2016: Interested in 'synergies' between different EU funding streams (and with national and local programmes)? Get in touch to get involved in BIS project on which I am working with NCUB.
  • March 2016: Serious intent in HotSW devolution as we convene and make progress in two major workshops - on Governance, and on Productivity growth respectively.
  • February 2016: An unexpected but exciting short visit to Colombia to contribute to British Council's Global Education Dialogue on University roles in national and city development. See my presentation here.
  • February 2016: Both government and the Midlands Engine missing a real trick in NOT promoting Birmingham as a serious alternative solution to london's airport capacity challenges -
  • January 2016: A pleasure to be working again with colleagues in Heart of the South West (HotSW) on their devolution agendas. Following a major workshop on 22/01, the prospectus was approved by over twenty partners and formally submitted to Government in February.
  • January 2016: New Year, new extensive and intimidating challenges for local growth agendas - the LGIU blog and fuller briefing...
  • Xmas/New Year 2015/16: Do you believe in Father Xmas? Seasonal greetings with read-across from some of the great Xmas anthems...




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