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  • February 2014: See a new improved synthesis of work on city growth in my articles section. Or just enjoy a recent blog on three 2014 publications on city growth agendas, explored in greater detail in my latest LGIU policy briefing.
  • February 2014: A real pleasure to deliver a SURGE seminar on the challenges of the LEP-led local economic growth landscape at Coventry University. Get a copy of the slides here.
  • January 2014: Why hasn't Eric Pickles resigned following his disgraceful use of 'terror tactics'?
  • January 2014: My latest LGIU policy briefing explores 'where next for neighbourhood planning and management?' Huge potential implications.
  • January 2014: Extreme weather can't stop me getting to the far south west to help with the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly (C&IoS) growth deal!
  • Happy New Year 2014:...or how futures thinking can help us deliver a successful 2014!
  • December 2013: A month for LEPs to submit their first draft Strategic Economic Plans (SEPs). Helped with the Heart of the South West LEP business growth and S3 perspectives
  • November 2013: Reflections on a weekend in Dubai for the passionate development economist who never switches off!
  • November 2013: Why the Witty Review may have been a missed opportunity for HE involvement in local economic growth.
  • November 2013: Always enjoyable to spend time working with colleagues at CURDS in the north east - currently on the development of a 'smart specialisation' (S3) approach for the NELEP geography.
  • October 2013: A very popular blog (judging by 'hits' and tweets) about the role of the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) in local economic growth.
  • October 2013: What is the role of local authority-led economic strategies in the age of LEPs? Pleased to explore these issues in major detail with three very different LAs over recent months - a refresh of the Plymouth Local Economic Strategy (LES); a review of the Watford Borough Council approach to their LEP; and the development of a new Harborough economic narrative for the district council. Contact me if you want to discuss the tools and techniques developed for these exercises.
  • September 2013: A sleepless night took me to fluffy kittens, Love Actually, greater insights into our current PM, and ultimately more hilarity...
  • September 2013: Isn't the high street 'war of the words' between Grimsey and Portas hilarious? At least that's what I thought in the attached blog.
  • September 2013: Fascinating 'day off' at Dennis Sherwood's Creativity and Innovation Masterclass. Check out his approach on the 'silver bullet machine' website - refreshing and insightful.
  • August 2013: I do worry about the ongoing consultation on the future of the census. Whatever changes we make must continue to give us access to the sort of detailed intelligence summarised in my attached LGIU Policy briefing on the latest ONS releases
  • August 2013: No summer break here...and good to do some specific place-based work in Plymouth, Watford and Harborough alongside the broader strategic commissions. No holidays for LEPs, LAs and partners either, as they begin to get to grps with the 'hokey cokey' of government guidance on EU and local growth funds. See if the hokey cokey is what it is all about here...
  • July 2013: More fame as Buckinghamshire Thames Valley LEP put me and other invited guests on TV at a breakfast disucssion session. Click on the 'think tank' box in this link - see - they have a sense of humour too!
  • July 2013: Shared a platform for a 'standing room only' session on LEPs at the LGA conference in Manchester. Presentation linked here.
  • June 2013: 'Where next for LEPs?' asks the Smith Institute in its new publication, launched at Houses of Parliament on the 11th. Two contributions from me in the chapters by CURDS on our LEP institutional audit and on EU smart specialisation
  • June 2013: Very interested to do a piece of work for Eastern Academic Health Science Network (EAHSN) on the NHS's potential contribution to local economic growth. Some general thoughts on the role of health economies linked here.
  • May 2013: What is more shocking about the local government election results - the rise of UKIP or the low turnout? My anaylsis of the former - here.
  • April 2013: Completed and presented the CURDS report on 'smart specialisation; the case for a platform of support' in the 2014-20 EU structural fund programmes. Important analysis that can support LEPs as they get to grips with the preliminary guidance on EUSIF investment strategies issued by BIS
  • April 2013: A month sandwiched between two exercises in Plymouth progressing their wave two city deal proposals with peninsula partners. Leadership and governance in this type of geography and institutional landscape is challenging. Some thoughts on the issues around LEPs and Combined Authorities was published in my R&R blog.






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