One a modest monument to an admirable political union; the other an empty ditch where the lying narcissist promised to be!

The ‘Best of British’ – the ‘worst of FK(a)UK’…

Visits to Sofia, Bucharest, Bratislava, and then Westerngrund, Spessart-Mainland in North West Bavaria – the geographical centre of the EU28 – largely confirms observations from the tour’s first stage earlier this month. A better future should comprise continental-scale, enabling political unions, of highly distinctive small and mid-size nations and regions, sharing global visions and values. The EU, warts and all, is currently the leading exemplar of this type of approach. It has enough positive work-in-progress upon which to build – if its globally pretentious larger members can shrug off exceptionalism and behave with some degree of generosity and humility. The UK is currently totally incapable of this – hence the requirement for FK(a)UK’s hara-kiri.

‘Authentic karaoke’ – the best we can hope for from the oxymoronic George Osborne

I recently attended a ‘karaoke competition’. As an occasional vocal exhibitionist, the competition struck me as incongruous – to say the least. Karaoke should never be ‘competitive’ and judgemental. At its essence, karaoke is open to anyone – however good or bad at singing – who wants to have a bit of fun, entertain those …

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