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Trust FKaUK to make the totally wrong choice!

The FK(a)UK’s Brexit hara-kiri tour October 2019 – stage one

A short visit to Estonia, Finland and Lithuania demonstrates that mid-size places places with a sensible identity – whether Lithuania or Lombardy; Estonia or Extremadura; Greater Helsinki or Hesse – offer a type of “right” scale and potentially the right culture for being the major intermediary mediator of global and local challenges. They are likely to be far more effective than large nation states with their own exceptionalism of delusional global ambitions based on race and (in our case Etonian) entitlement.

Trust the Daily Mail to recognise the WWE metaphor...

The villains of Brexit wrestlemania…

I recently saw ‘Fighting with my family’ at the cinema and loved it. It is the enjoyable, uplifting story of how Saraya-Jade Bevis (professional name Paige) makes her personal journey from the fringes of Norwich life to become the youngest World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) ‘diva’ in the US, highly successful professional wrestler and business personality.